Thirty years of study and research resulted in a State PhD, presented in 1986 in the Sorbonne, by Gabriel Ladaique, Professor of History and Geography, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Doctor in Genealogy. This work is rapidly acquired by many interested scholars in France and abroad.

In 1998 most of this work becomes the contents of a BOOK published in May 1999 on the occasion of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the death of Frederick. This work is also disseminated in many European countries. The author received the ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN Prize for this work as well as the Medal of the Town of Charmes.

These two documents, monuments on the subject, make exceptional revelations and knowledge unknown until then about the life of this family whose name is known throughout the world.

They were such a success that many writers borrowed, without authorisation from the author and contrary to the most elementary ethical rules, much information from these documents. Books were then published in their name and conferences held….

It was the case of “FREDERIC” by the Vosges author Gilles LAPORTE

And of “RODZINA CHOPINA Matki (the mother) published in 2000

(the Chopin Ancestors) Ojca (the father) published in 2002 by the Polish authors Andrzej SIKORSKY and Piotr MYSLAKOWSKI

We wish to denounce this behaviour which constitutes an infraction of the intellectual property rights in force in France and we strongly request the authors to put an end to such practice.


bullet1. Remote ascendants
bullet2. Near ascendants
bullet3. Education
bullet4. The Polish interlude
bullet5. Plausible reasons for the departure
bullet6. The family after the departure of Nicolas
bullet7. The Polish adoption
bullet8. Nicolas CHOPIN : public teacher
bullet9. The CHOPIN couple as educators
bullet10. Nicolas CHOPIN, his relationships
bullet11. Departure of the children
bullet12. The end of a just man
bulletIndex of places and of people