Conditions : by bus, reserved by the participants. The circuit is musically illustrated and commented on by a competent member of the Centre. For the tariff please consult us.

CIRCUIT N° 1 : the “CHOPIN” Villages (about 50 km, lasting 4 hours).

Leaving from Savigny (6 km from Charmes)

bulletAVRAINVILLE – panoramic view over a large part of the circuit
bulletHERGUGNEY – 1824: Martin BASTIEN (CHOPIN) marries Anne GRIJOLOT and they settle in Hergugney.
bulletTANTIMONT – XIIIth century church – Tantimontanum Gymnasium – Parish of the CHOPIN family of Bralleville and of the BASTIEN family of Hergugney – Nicolas CHOPIN went to secondary school here.
bulletBRALLEVILLE – Dominique CHOPIN, great uncle of Frederick, settled here permanently in 1768.
bulletXIROCOURT – 1682: birth of Catherine OUDOT. On 20th January 1705 she married Romont François CHAPIN. CHAPIN became CHOPIN. 4 sons were born: Claude, François II, Dominique, Nicolas. Descendants of the CHOPIN are still living in Xirocourt today.
bulletMARAINVILLE – 1771: birth of Nicolas CHOPIN, son of François, grand-son of Nicolas, father of Frederick. His sisters are Anne (born in 1769) and Marguerite (born 1775). History of Lords and castles.
bulletMAXEVOID – vestiges of a prison belonging to Marainville Castle. It is said that Nicolas CHOPIN came here to trout-fish.
bulletAMBACOURT – 1738: Nicolas CHOPIN marries Elisabeth BASTIEN. Birth of François CHOPIN, grand-father of Frederick (1741), birth of Dominique (1749), birth of Thérèse CHOPIN.
bulletVOMECOURT – XIIth century Romanesque church – Temple – Parents of Saint-Pierre Fourier. Nicolas came through here travelling from Marainville to Viéville to visit Thérèse, his god-mother.
bulletVIEVILLE – Thérèse CHOPIN married Claude LHUMBERT of Viéville in 1778. She lived here from 1784 to 1790. The steward of the Marainville Castle lodged in her house from 1785 to 1787 before her departure to Poland.

Return to SAVIGNY, known for its Noble Lords, faithful to Lorraine.

CIRCUIT N° 2 – “In the traces of Chopin, Barrès and Gellée”

(about 80 km – a day’s trip)

9h00 Departure from Charmes (parking Match)


Avrainville Historical description

Heights of Hergugney View over the Chopin country and the Hill of Sion.

Hergugney Memories of the Chopin family

Stop at Tantimont

bulletHistory of the Chanoinesses School frequented by Nicolas CHOPIN. Visit of the outside of the building.

Maxevoid Historical description – departure of Nicolas

Stop at Marainville History of CHOPIN ancestors

bulletHistory of the village
bulletVisit of the church, centenary stone, sites of castles.

Road to Sion Presentation of Maurice BARRES

Stop on the Hill Barrès Monument, lantern of the dead

bulletDescription of the life and the works of the writer
bulletBasilica of Sion: ex-voto, tomb of Leopold Baillard

Road to Praye then Tantonville

12h30 Haroué Lunch at restaurant “Les Marronniers”, where Barrès spent a night in February 1888. Historical description.

15h00 – departure Komar tomb. Memories of Frederick Chopin

Road to Bayon, then Froville

bulletHistorical description

Rozelieures Description of the battle of “La Trouée de Charmes”

Borville House of the BAILLARD brothers


bullet“Beau voir” of Barrès
bulletHeights of the Moselle : memories of Barrès in Parliament

Road to Chamagne by the Valley of the Moselle

bulletWillow country, place of memories and inspiration of the painter Claude GELLEE called LE LORRAIN
bulletVisit of the house where the painter was born

17h30 – Return to Charmes. Sites of historical houses – end of circuit