OUR CONCERTS – in the Saint-Nicolas Church at CHARMES

bullet14 MAI 1999: Celebration of the 150th anniversary of Frederick CHOPIN’s death.
7 young pianists from the Charmes region aged between 7 and 20, interpret CHOPIN under the Honorary Presidence of Jacques HOUTMANN, Conductor


bullet17 OCTOBER 1999: Anniversary day of the Death of Frederick (1849 in Paris)
Integral of the funeral service which took place in the Church of La Madeleine in Paris. Under the patronage of M. Gérard LONGUET, Chairman of the Regional Council of Lorraine and in the presence of Mrs Wanda Krystina KALINSKA, Consul of Poland in Strasbourg.
bulletFuneral March by F. CHOPIN
bulletPreludes N° 4 and N° 6 at the organ
bulletRequiem of W.A. MOZART (Choir and Orchestra G. STOLTZ)

The same day, at the same time, a delegation from our association attended an identical concert in Warsaw, in the Sainte-Croix Church where the heart of Frederick CHOPIN lies sealed.


bullet17 DECEMBER 2000: Celebration of the 400 anniversary of the birth of Claude GELLEE.
Music from the period : SCHEIDT, PASQUINI, PACHELBEL, LEBEGUE, GALENTE, SWEELINCK, LUBECK, with Olivier CORTESI at the organ.
Cantata BWV 147 by J.S. BACH
(Choir and orchestra G. STOLTZ)


bullet1 AVRIL 2001: Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the C.G.H.P.C.
(Genealogical and Historical Circle of the Region of Charmes)
Popular and traditional songs from Lorraine
“A year in song” by the Groupe “LO COUARAIL”.


bullet16 December 2001 : Celebration of the 3rd millennium under the Honorary Presidence of Jacques HOUTMANN, Conductor
Choir of the Cordeliers from Nancy. Professional soloists.
Orchestra: musicians in top classes and their teachers from the music schools of Mirecourt, Vittel, Neufchâteau, Nancy. A pedagogical project financed by the Lorraine Region, the General Councils of the Vosges, Meurthe et Moselle, Moselle and by the town councils. Direction : Joëlle GROS.


bullet15 December 2002 : Celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Victor HUGO
19th century music. François FOSSANO brass ensemble.