0 Discovering the CHOPIN family
1 The marriage certificate of Romont
2 François CHAPIN, the Bridegroom of Dauphiné
3 Catherine OUDOT, the Bride of Xirocourt
4 The CHOPIN family and tobacco
5 XIROCOURT – CHAPIN – CHOPIN – 4 children
6 Claude CHOPIN, the eldest
7 François CHOPIN, the second
8 Dominique CHOPIN, the third
9 Nicolas CHOPIN, great grand-father of Frederick
10 François CHOPIN, grand-father of Frederick
11 François CHOPIN and Marguerite DEFLIN settle in Marainville
12 The CHOPIN house in Marainville –the surroundings
13 Education given to Nicolas CHOPIN, father of Frederick
14 Anne and Marguerite, Nicolas’ sisters
15 CHOPIN and the lute-makers of Mirecourt and Poussay
16 Marainville before 1728
17 The seigniory erected in Comté
18 The county seigniorial families
19 Castle and rural community
20 The county castle put up for sale
21 Jean Michel PAC acquires Marainville (1780)
22 WEYDLICH and SCHELLING and the stewards of the castle
23 Retroceding the castle (1785) – the future of WEYDLICH and
24 The departure of Nicolas for Poland (1787)
25 The family after the departure of their son
26 Nicolas from 1787 to 1810
27 The career of Nicolas
28 The children and their education
29 The departure of the children
30 The end of just men
31 Family portraits